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  • Leonardo DiCaprio - Actor
    He lives in the house and creates eco eco resort on the private island of 42 hectares. Rides on elektroavto. It is financed by WWF and its ecology Protection Fund. I made a film about the wild 11th Hour and Fur from Africa to Paris. He conducted a series of "Eco-City".
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  • Goltis - Highlander
    Professional traveler, sportsman, specialist in survival in extreme situations, commander of the EQUITES team, coach of the world bodybuilding champions, three-time Asian champion in martial arts. Expert on healthy lifestyle, choreographer, blacksmith, ecologist, native Slavic culture, body architect, author of the Healing Impulse technique.
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  • Valery Sinelnikov - Doctor
    Herapist, homeopath, psychotherapist, writer. The founder of the "School of Health and Joy" foundation and the school "Az Buki Vedi". His books are published in 20 languages. The total circulation of 13 million copies. Carries out seminars-trainings in different countries of the world. He lives with his family in the family estate in the Crimea.
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  • Oleksandr Mirolubov - social and spiritual figure
    Successful experience of the management of eco real estate projects "Eco development". Organizer of the Eco Village. Coordinator of the development of the spiritual project Дольмены-Крыма.рф and the author of the book "Guide to eternity". Founder of social network "ECO-WORLD".
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  • Sepp Holzer - landowner
    Author of books and Permaculture projects - in Austria, Scotland have billionaires Swarovski, Spain and Princess of Liechtenstein, ecovillages. Advises the Government of Ecuador. It transforms the deserts, swamps, barren land in the flowering gardens. Following reports in the universities of Europe and America. The farm - 50 hectares in the Alps.
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  • Angelina Jolie - Actress
    Is Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee. It lists a lot of money in the Fund for Nature. He drives a hybrid vehicle. It plans to produce eco magazine about education and the problems of our time. Vegetarian
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  • Geoff Lawton - Permacultural Designer
    Creates sustainable ecosystems, food and clean water assistance programs in more than 30 countries around the world. He taught permaculture more than 6 000 students all over the world. He organized a permacultural institute at 59 Tagu Farm as the center of the world network of permacultural projects. The author of many books and videos.
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  • Vladimir Megre - writer

    Books about converting to a better life of the individual and the country as a whole, the return of their homeland and everything his family estate. Circulation of books, in 20 languages, has reached 11 million. Copies. It produces cedar products in Siberia. Founded own party and "Anastasia" Vladimir Foundation, which holds festivals "Ringing Cedars of Russia".
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  • Pilot Babaji - Mahayog
    He was born to a royal family, but he chose the spiritual path of development. Organized the company "Company for World Peace". He taught yoga to astronauts, as well as in many countries of the world. His ashrams are in various places in India. He offers the science of "Kaya Kalpa" or the method of rejuvenation. He managed to comprehend the sacred science of samadhi up to 33 days. It is listed twice in the Guinness Book.
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